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I am working with jQuery dialog:

When the dialog opens, Firebug shows...

<div id="dialog" style="width: auto; min-height: 0px; height: 274px;">,

...but I need to set the width to 346px.

  1. I tried using $("#dialog").css({width : '346px'}), but this does not work. After setting the width via .css(), Firebug continues to show width: auto.

  2. I even hard-coded the style attribute as <div id='dialog' style="width:346px">, but this does not work! Firebug continues to show width: auto.

Can someone please tell what is wrong in my code? How should I set the width of this dialog div? Thanks.

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Demo -

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Do it this way:

     "modal": true, 
     "width": 346, 
     "height": 400
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This must work


This makes sure that your CSS is applied and later this inline style overrides your CSS making the width:346 px; as you want.

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