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I'm trying to use libattr in a c program, and cannot find any information on how to use it.

[user~/src/libattr_testing]$ find / -type f 2>/dev/null | grep libattr

Am I missing something obvious? I've been searching for documentation or a working example but can't find a thing.

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Which libattr are you talking about ? libattr on linux handles extended file attributes, and is documented in the setxattr, attr_get, attr_list man pages - and many more. It's not about ID3 tags. – nos Oct 30 '11 at 22:26

First you have to know your libattr exactly package name then list all files in it:

For ubuntu for example

dpkg -S /lib/ //will print package name

dpkg -L package_name //List all files in the package

then you will see a list of files in /usr/share/man directory

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libattr has nothing to do with id3-tags, it's used for ncurses. Search for id3lib instead.

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If you're on Linux and want to learn about the C functions to deal with extended attributes, install the libattr1-dev package, which has the man pages for getxattr, setxattr, etc. Or, you could view the manpages online:

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