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Using IntelliJ 9, Tomcat 6, maven project (pom.xml based).

Running the application returns the error, not sure if it is a tomcat deployment issue or not.

Strange thing, when I hit the refresh button on the browser, I don't see any errors in IntelliJ's server output window.

I have tomcat setup with intelliJ to use the war-exploded artifact.

Does Tomcat just use the directory under my projects?

Does it modify tomcat's server xml to do this? Or is this does on the fly somehow?

I want to know what files get run with tomcat runs, for some reason I'm getting a 404 at:


I just setup a simple Spring MVC application, I have a HomeController:

public class HomeController {

    public String Index() {
        return "hello, world";






    <context:component-scan base-package="com.debugging" />

    <!-- Enables the Spring MVC @Controller programming model -->
    <mvc:annotation-driven />


My exploded war looks like:

/mymvc_war_exploded/web-inf (it has classes folder and inside is my homecontroller.class)

I don't see my views folder, or my .xml files anywhere.

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You should be returning the path of a view (as in the tutorial), not just a string, assuming you're going through it step-by-step. Since you haven't shown a resolver definition, I'm assuming you're not returning view names yet.

Check the logs, too.

Also, by convention, Java method names begin with a lower-case letter.

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Do you mean that just returning a string will cause to not work? I just wanted it to return something, yes ignoring view files for now. – Blankman Oct 31 '11 at 1:43
do I have to create any goals for this to work? I'm confused how tomcat hooks into my application i.e. where does it store my .war file and explode it? – Blankman Oct 31 '11 at 1:45
@Blankman No, returning just a string won't work--see the tutorial we were discussing earlier. No, you don't need to create any goals as long as you're still running inside IntelliJ--the IDE handles artifact deployment. – Dave Newton Oct 31 '11 at 1:52
ok it seems for some reason my exploded war isn't correct, see my updated question above to see what it looks like (updating it now). – Blankman Oct 31 '11 at 2:07
ok it worked with me just having it like I had it before w/o the view, just returning a string. the issue was my module content root was not pointing to the right directory. – Blankman Oct 31 '11 at 2:22

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