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I have a "map" that is a set of polygons drawn by JavaScript on svg element. Is there any way to draw text inside (on top of) polygon that is drawn inside of svg element?

Should I try to draw text on the svg element on the same coordinates were polygon is drawn?

Thank you!

P.S. either clean JavaScript or jquery both will help.

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Yes. The way of doing that is to simply add a <text> element using its x and y attributes to position it where you want on a given polygon (using whichever same JS way that you're using to add polygons, just creating a text element instead of a polygon element).

Be sure to put the text element after the polygon in the tree so that it paints on top of it.

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Second option is to draw polygons and texts: a) at 0,0 for top left corner b) -x,-y for center

And then translate each polygon/text where you want them to be.

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Essentially that is the same as drawing on required position. Thanks –  Budda Nov 20 '11 at 2:07

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