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i want to save a dropped image into the html5 filesystem. The problem is that i do not know how to write binary data into the file system with the file api. Below are parts of my code:

var reader = new FileReader();  

reader.onloadend = function(e)
      var data = e.target.result;

      // Open File System code (Codes Omitted)
      // Create file           (Codes Omitted)

           // This is the problem, the file is create, something is written to the file
           // because the size is exact same with the dragged file (image). But when i     
           // try to view the file (image), it displays nothing.

           var bb = new WebKitBlobBuilder



I intentionally left out some codes like the file system and file creation. I only need help with saving binary data.


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I've encounter a similar issue
Since you didn't parse your code here,I assume that you read the image in a wrong way,
You read the cur_file as binary string,Did your fileReader read it by readAsText method
Since the file stores binaryString,If your fileReader read it by another way,e.g readAsDataURL,that means you encode it again,so you couldn't get the right answer

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