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I have a rake task that runs ok in the dev env, but not in prod.

task :sample_test_quote => :environment do



QuoterTester is a model class with a class method test.

Running the task under dev works fine, like this:

rake sample_test_quote

Whereas under prod, I get this:

$ RAILS_ENV=production rake sample_test_quote --trace
** Invoke sample_test_quote (first_time)
** Invoke environment (first_time)
** Execute environment
** Execute sample_test_quote
rake aborted!
uninitialized constant QuoterTester
org/jruby/ `const_missing'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `const_missing'
org/jruby/ `call'
/Users/kimptoc/Documents/ruby/ecom/ecom1/lib/tasks/sample_test_quote.rake:3:in `(root)'
org/jruby/ `call'
org/jruby/ `call'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `execute'
org/jruby/ `each'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `execute'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `invoke_with_call_chain'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.6.5/lib/ruby/1.8/monitor.rb:191:in `mon_synchronize'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `invoke_with_call_chain'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `invoke'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `invoke_task'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `top_level'
org/jruby/ `each'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `top_level'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `standard_exception_handling'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `top_level'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `run'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `standard_exception_handling'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `run'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@global/gems/rake- `(root)'
org/jruby/ `load'
/Users/kimptoc/.rvm/gems/jruby-1.6.5@p-ecom1-rails311/bin/rake:19:in `(root)'
Tasks: TOP => sample_test_quote

I am using JRuby 1.6.5, with mysql - the prod and dev database.yml are pretty much the same settings. Also using a Gemfile - see below.

From this question, I am guessing its a problem with one of classes in the project.

So, any tips on how to track down which class?

Strangely, rails server/console both work in prod env - I'd have expected them to fail too.

TIA, Chris

Here is the Gemfile I am using

source ''

gem 'rake'

gem 'rails', '3.1.1'

if defined?(JRUBY_VERSION)
  #jruby gems
  gem 'activerecord-jdbc-adapter'
  #gem 'activerecord-jdbc-adapter', :git => ""
  #gem 'activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter'
  #gem 'activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter', :path => '../../libs/activerecord-jdbc-adapter.kimptoc'
  #gem 'activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter',:git => ""
  gem 'activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter',:git => ""
  gem "jruby-openssl"
  #non jruby gems
  gem 'mysql'

gem "letter_opener", :group => :development

gem "mechanize", "1.0.0"

gem "nokogiri","1.4.6"

gem "roo"
gem "rubyzip"

gem "parallel"

gem "savon", "=0.7.9"

group :development, :test do
  gem "rcov"
  gem "pry"

gem "fastercsv"

gem "xml-simple"

gem "rabl"

gem 'bcrypt-ruby', :require => 'bcrypt'

gem 'newrelic_rpm'

# Gems used only for assets and not required
# in production environments by default.
group :assets do
  gem 'sass-rails', " ~> 3.1.0"
  gem 'coffee-rails', " ~> 3.1.0"
  gem 'uglifier'

gem 'jquery-rails'

gem "acts_as_executor", :git => ""

gem 'rufus-scheduler'

And here are the actual gems:

actionmailer (3.1.1)
actionpack (3.1.1)
activemodel (3.1.1)
activerecord (3.1.1)
activeresource (3.1.1)
activesupport (3.1.1)
addressable (2.2.6)
arel (2.2.1)
bcrypt-ruby (3.0.1 java)
bouncy-castle-java (1.5.0146.1)
builder (3.0.0)
bundler (1.0.21)
coderay (0.9.8)
coffee-rails (3.1.1)
coffee-script (2.2.0)
coffee-script-source (1.1.2)
crack (0.3.1)
erubis (2.7.0)
execjs (1.2.9)
fastercsv (1.5.4)
google-spreadsheet-ruby (0.1.5)
hike (1.2.1)
hoe (2.12.3)
i18n (0.6.0)
jquery-rails (1.0.16)
jruby-launcher (1.0.9 java)
jruby-openssl (0.7.4)
json (1.6.1 java)
launchy (2.0.5)
letter_opener (0.0.2)
mail (2.3.0)
mechanize (1.0.0)
method_source (0.6.6)
mime-types (1.17.1, 1.16)
multi_json (1.0.3)
newrelic_rpm (3.2.0)
nokogiri (1.4.6 java)
oauth (0.4.5)
parallel (0.5.9)
polyglot (0.3.2)
pry ( java)
rabl (0.5.0, 0.3.0)
rack (1.3.5, 1.3.4)
rack-cache (1.1)
rack-mount (0.8.3)
rack-ssl (1.3.2)
rack-test (0.6.1)
rails (3.1.1)
railties (3.1.1)
rake (, 0.9.2)
rcov (0.9.11 java)
rdoc (3.11, 3.10)
roo (1.9.5)
ruby-ole (
ruby_parser (2.0.6)
rubyzip (0.9.4)
rufus-scheduler (2.0.12)
sass (3.1.10)
sass-rails (3.1.4)
savon (0.7.9)
sexp_processor (3.0.7)
slop (2.1.0)
spoon (0.0.1)
spreadsheet (
sprockets (2.0.3, 2.0.2)
thor (0.14.6)
tilt (1.3.3)
treetop (1.4.10)
tzinfo (0.3.30)
uglifier (1.0.4, 1.0.3)
weakling (0.0.4 java)
xml-simple (1.1.1)
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Can you show the rake task and the full error output? – Douglas F Shearer Oct 30 '11 at 23:04
Thanks Douglas - it was a bit short on details :) – Chris Kimpton Oct 31 '11 at 5:46
do you have the gem set in the production section of your gemfile? – Andrei S Oct 31 '11 at 5:57
Hi Andrei - are you thinking the problem might be due to a gem being marked as dev only. I dont think I am doing anything different in this code compared to the main app and thus it should be using the same gems. But maybe rake is stricter on this... I will review the gems – Chris Kimpton Oct 31 '11 at 7:50
He means, are you using a Gemfile and have added this to your group :development block? – Matthew Rudy Oct 31 '11 at 8:19
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This is a fairly common issue when Rake tasks are run in production mode if config.threadsafe! is enabled, which it should be for JRuby apps.

A possible fix is to edit your environment so that config.threadsafe! is disabled only when you are running a Rake task (You can make up your own environment variable for this purpose).

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Many Thanks, sounds good - will give it a go tonight, when I get home – Chris Kimpton Nov 1 '11 at 8:56
That was it - I've now wrapped the config setting with "if defined?(Rails::Server)" and it works fine with Rake. – Chris Kimpton Nov 1 '11 at 18:48
Glad to hear it! It's also great to share the JRuby love :-) – Scott Lowe Nov 1 '11 at 20:13
This also fixed it for me, but do you know what's the cause of the error? – Elmer Feb 26 '13 at 16:05
@ChrisKimpton be careful with Rails::Server check. This is not defined when using Unicorn in example. – morgoth Mar 28 '13 at 12:12

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