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entirely in JS, no server backend. I need to allow the user to search and then show a list of matched names. I'm using jQuery UI AutoComplete but need some JS to filter the results.

Given an Array of names:

Bob Hope
James Jones
Steve Jobs
Larry McBridge

Given a search term like Bo

How can I get just Bob Hope to return

Given a Search term like b:

How can I get all but James Jones?

Any simple JS for comparing two strings? Thanks

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var names = ["Bob Hope","James Jones","Steve Jobs","Larry McBridge"]   
var query = "bo"
var results = $(names)
            if(v.toLowerCase().indexOf(query.toLowerCase())!=-1){return v} 

// results is ["Bob Hope"]
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Old question, but instead, you can use Fuse.js which does fuzzy search. Extremely quick and easy to use.

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Why does "Dan Brown" score higher than "Rob Grant" when I search for "Rob"? –  willlma Apr 25 at 18:05

Maybe I misunderstood you (given the complexity of the above answer), but I came up with this which uses jQuery. Every time a key is pressed (when the input has focus), it searches all li elements on the page and finds whether they contain the search term.

Here is the HTML:

<ul><li>Bob Hope</li>
<li>James Jones</li>
<li>Steve Jobs</li>
<li>Larry McBridge</li></ul><br>
Search: <input id="search" length="24" />

And here is your jQuery:

   var term = $(this).val();
    $("li:contains('" + term + "')").show();
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