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I'm trying to pass a value from html to a function but when I do I get an error - reference error: cant find the variable: "var value". The code below I'm removing spaces and replacing them with underscores then trying to pass that to a function called onToDate.

var theFunction2 = theFunction.replace(/ /g,"_");

$('#inserted').append('<div id="'+theFunction2+'"><li onclick="onToDate('+theFunction2+')"><img width="30px" height="25px" src="style/soccer.png"><div id="popupContactClose2">'+counted+'</div></img>'+ rs.rows.item(0)['playing']+'</li>');

onToDate is simply there to alert the value passed to it:

function onToDate(hello){        


This is where I get the error. I don't really get whats happening I've used this before and it worked fine.

Any help would be great,


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A LI element inside a DIV element? And a DIV element inside an IMG element? That's not valid! – Šime Vidas Oct 30 '11 at 23:55
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is turning into something like:


so in the above case, some_thing is a variable that is undefined, meaning that this is a Reference error.



should fix it

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excellent, all good now – mao Oct 31 '11 at 0:09

First of all @IAbstractDownvoteFactor is right. You should fix onclick definiton.

If this code runs in $(document).ready() block, then your onToDate function is not accesible from that scope. Your click event calls from global scope. You should define it like this;

window.onToDate = function(hello){

And no need for those single quotes...

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