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I have a series of records in MongoDB with a smallish binary field. When I query it with mongodb-node and do console.log(my_record); then I see the record just fine in apparent binary form. I want to get the data and convert it to base 64 before sending back to client. I've tried new Buffer(my_record.binary,'base64') but it complains of bad argument. Any ideas?

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You have to read the data in binary, and output it in base64. I guess, you have to do something of this sort:

buffer = new Buffer(my_record.binary,'binary')
hex = buffer.toString('base64')
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That seems to work, but the resulting base64 isn't correct (at least the image isn't displaying properly. – Justin Thomas Oct 31 '11 at 16:32
Not sure what to say, you can always look into mongodb-native source code to see what is happening. github.com/christkv/node-mongodb-native/blob/master/lib/mongodb/… , My other suggestion would be my_record.binary.buffer.toString('base64') – Nican Oct 31 '11 at 17:01

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