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I'm trying to update a field based on other fields in a row and I need some help -- I keep getting unwanted results.

I have three fields

start_time DateTime
pause_time DateTime
end_time DateTime

What I'd like to do is move the end time forward by basically doing end_time = (end_time + (NOW() - pause_time)).

So, I'm figuring out how much time has elapsed since the pause time and NOW() then adding to the current end_time, thus moving it forward.

Should I be trying to look for unexpected behavior like pause_time being later than NOW() or anything like that? How could I do that? In a perfect situation, start time and pause time would be in the past and end_time in the future..

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i think this should work for you

end_time=Date_ADD(end_time,Interval DATEDIFF(now(),pause_time) day)

if not got to MySql reference manual for date and time

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