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I am trying to write the date to a .txt file. The following is the code that I have made to do this but it always gives me an error.

import datetime

mylist = []
today = datetime.date.today()
print mylist[0]

file = open('Date.txt', 'a')

This code gives me the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Volumes/CHROME USB/STORAGE/Date.py", line 9, in file.write(mylist) TypeError: argument 1 must be string or read-only character buffer, not list

Will someone please give me an example of a working code?

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What's your interpretation of the error message? – Michael Petrotta Oct 31 '11 at 0:57
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You can only write strings, it is stated in the error. So you can do this to write the liste (converted in string) into the txt file:


Simple example

>>> a= [1,2,3]
>>> b = str(a)
>>> b
'[1, 2, 3]'
>>> f = open("data","w")
>>> f.write(b)
>>> f.close()
$ cat data
[1, 2, 3] 
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Thank you Ic2817! – gian848396 Oct 31 '11 at 1:15
@gian848396 So why do you say that the "answer" is the other one? – lc2817 Oct 31 '11 at 1:18
Woops. It was a mistake. – gian848396 Oct 31 '11 at 1:50

File#write expects a string, not a list. Try file.write(repr(mylist)).

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Ever heard of Google? docs.python.org/library/repr.html – bos Oct 31 '11 at 1:02
Why repr and not str? – lc2817 Oct 31 '11 at 1:17
Yes. I looked through the documentation but could not make very much sense of it since I am still a novice. – gian848396 Oct 31 '11 at 1:51

If you want to write the contents of the list, do it like this:

for entry in mylist:


map(lambda x: file.write(str(x)), mylist)
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