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If a user allows access to a facebook plugin for website, is it possible for to be notified when the user no longer allows them the same access they originally had?

We have a case where users are granted additional privileges when they link to facebook and prefer to be notified when they revoke those privileges rather than, for example, doing a check when they login.

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If you want to check has a user installed your app (and/or has not uninstalled it) it's fairly simple, make a GET call to /{user id}/?fields=installed using your app access token. It should return installed: 1 for users that have your app installed.

This is a replacement for the old users.isAppuser API call

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Cool, that's what I thought, thanks. I want to build an architecture that could scale to 10M users potentially, so this it's not possible to poll for events. We're going with a "check upon user login" approach instead. But getting notifications would be ideal. –  David Parks Oct 31 '11 at 16:46

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