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I am stuck and looking for a solution to fix the follow error;

Fatal error: Class 'Plugin_AccessCheck' not found in /.../application/Bootstrap.php on line 18

I try to register a new plugin, my code is;

protected function _initAutoLoad()
    $modelLoader = new Zend_Application_Module_Autoloader(array(
                            'namespace' => '',
                            'basePath'  => APPLICATION_PATH));        

    $acl = new Application_Model_LibraryAcl();
    $auth = Zend_Auth::getInstance();

    $frontcontroller = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance();
    $frontcontroller->registerPlugin(new Plugin_AccessCheck($acl, $auth));

    return $modelLoader;


(I use the newest version of ZF 1.11)

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To achieve what you're trying to do, you need to satisfy the following requirements (all names and paths are case sensitive)...

  1. There is a class named Plugin_AccessCheck somewhere in your project
  2. This class resides in a file located on the include_path (your apps library directory for example) at the relative path Plugin/AccessCheck.php
  3. The autoloader has been informed that it should autoload classes beginning with the Plugin prefix. For example, in your application.ini config file

    autoloadernamespaces[] = "Plugin_"

There are other ways to achieve this however I'm taking the path of least resistance here.

As an aside, if this is inside a Bootstrap _init* method, don't fetch the Front Controller like that. Use this instead

protected function _initPlugins()
    $frontcontroller = $this->getResource('FrontController');

    // and the rest
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Thank you for your answer! I will take a look at it. for the namespacer, maybe it was better to put the hole function in my class, I did update the post. –  Freshtea Oct 31 '11 at 8:16

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