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I have a JavaScript to show multiple coutdown on my site, but I will like to move to Jquery, after a long search on Google I can't find a Jquery script to perform the same task as my old JavaScript. (the Keithwood example seems too comlicated and heavy for me)

All that I need is to be able to show multiple countdows on a page starting from a date and a time like => 11/01/2011 03:40:45 AM +0100 or similar

Here is and example of what I have

This is my html => `


This is my javascript

    StartCountDown("c5119","11/01/2011 03:40:45 AM +0100")
    StartCountDown("c4329","11/05/2011 06:24:30 AM +0200")

function StartCountDown(myDiv,myTargetDate)
    var dthen   = new Date(myTargetDate);
    var dnow    = new Date();
    ddiff       = new Date(dthen-dnow);
    gsecs       = Math.floor(ddiff.valueOf()/1000);

  function Calcage(secs, num1, num2)
    s = ((Math.floor(secs/num1))%num2).toString();
    if (s.length < 2) 
      s = "0" + s;
    return (s);

  function CountBack(myDiv, secs)
    var DisplayStr;
    var DisplayFormat = "%%D%% %%H%%:%%M%%:%%S%%";
    DisplayStr = DisplayFormat.replace(/%%D%%/g,    Calcage(secs,86400,100000));
    DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%H%%/g,       Calcage(secs,3600,24));
    DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%M%%/g,       Calcage(secs,60,60));
    DisplayStr = DisplayStr.replace(/%%S%%/g,       Calcage(secs,1,60));
    if(secs > 0)
      document.getElementById(myDiv).innerHTML = DisplayStr;
      setTimeout("CountBack('" + myDiv + "'," + (secs-1) + ");", 990);
      document.getElementById(myDiv).innerHTML = "&nbsp;SOLD OUT";

Here at stackoverflow I found two examples that looks very similar (here and here), but both only display the seconds left, I will like to be able to show Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds just like my old JavaScript.

Thanks a lot for your time and help Sorry for my english D

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Why migrate to JQuery if your native JS already works? – AlienWebguy Oct 31 '11 at 4:02
First I'm using Jquery for other things on the site, so since Jquery is enabled I will like to use it, second I think for some reason that script slows down a bit the page, at least on Firefox – user983248 Oct 31 '11 at 4:05

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