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Is there a shortcut, plugin or code to wrap text with quotation marks ("" or '') in Notepad++?

Eg "text".

I don't know Python and other advanced programming languages, so please explain in a simple way ...

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It surrounds text with parenthesis. How about quotation marks?.. –  Bayu Oct 31 '11 at 5:10

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  1. Npp -> Plugins -> Python Script -> New Script
  2. Select where to save ... and give the name qquote (say)
  3. in opened Npp doc insert this code:

    class qquote01:

    Attention on indentation (it is PYTHON ...), Save.

  4. Npp -> Plugins -> Python Script -> Configuration ... search the qquote.py, select it.
  5. Push left button Add. This is required because we need the name of that script appeared in plugins menu.
  6. Since the name in menu, we go to Npp -> Settings -> Shortcut Mapper and look at the top of the frame for Plugin commands button, click it, then search the qquote name, assign shortcut.
  7. Restart Npp and verify, that in Npp -> Plugins -> Python Script -> item qquote exist and the script has a designated shortcut.
  8. You can replace the value of the variable qq, if you wish, on any character or sequence of characters.
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Works like a CHAMP. Thanks. –  Love and peace - Joe Codeswell Jan 20 at 22:28

I'm not sure if you want the whole line or just each word. This will do each line: Open replace (ctrl H)
Find: ^.
Replace with: "
make sure you select "regular expression" in the search mode.
Select replace all.
That will add a " at the start of each non-blank link.

For the ending one:
Find: .$
Replace with: "

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interesting, this places entire lines in comments and beginning and end of line –  ufomorace Jun 13 at 8:56
Thanks! It works like a charm! :) –  Mario Johnathan Oct 13 at 7:38

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