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I am calling [array addObjectsFromArray:dictionary.allValues] Will each copied object have retain count incremented for it? My understanding that when I do [array addObject:obj] , it will retain obj for me untill I delete obj from array or release array itself. Was wondering if its the same with addObjectsFromArray


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refer this :

NSMutableArray memory management

Regarding the object creation methods, all of the convenience methods (array:, arrayWithObjects:, arrayWithArray:, etc.) return autoreleased objects. However, their corresponding init methods (init:, initWithObjects:, initWithArray:, etc.) do not - if you call them, you are responsible for calling release on the returned object

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function that begin with init,copy,add etc always increments the retain counter of the corresponding object.If you are done with and object you should release it adterr adding to an nsmutablearray

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