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I'm doing a web application in Symfony 1.4, and its character encoding is set to utf-8 (default). That is ok, but I would like to change the character encoding to s-jis depending on some situations.

I tried with the code below in the module (action.class.php), but it does not work properly:

if('some situation')

   $context = $this->getContext();
   $response = $context->getResponse();
   $response->setContentType('application/xhtml+xml; charset=Shift_JIS');

Does someone know how to change the character encoding to sjis temporaly?


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I could not answer till now. There you go.

We have to use a class that inherits from sfFilter class.

  1. Put the new class file in apps/frontend/lib

  2. Add the new class to apps/frontend/config/filters.yml

  3. Change the encoding of setContentType and the Content of sfResponse in the new class function.

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You can try this at the beginning of your actions.class.php

$this->getResponse()->initialize(new sfEventDispatcher(), array('charset' => '<something>')); 
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thanks, but i got the way to do it in symfony throught srFilter class. – Kane Oct 31 '11 at 10:55
Please put the answer here so everyone can learn - even me ;) – samura Oct 31 '11 at 11:02

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