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I want to call a function from C++ library on linux. I have a shared object of that library. I want to call method getAge() that return an int from ydmg library.

Following is the code that I have written:


#include "ydmg/bd.h"
#include "yut/hash.h"
#include "dlfcn.h"

extern "C" int getAge();

class testydmg{
        testydmg::testydmg(const yutHash& user){





        int testydmg::getFunction(){
                void *handle;
                int (*voidfnc)();
                handle = dlopen("",RTLD_LAZY);
                if(handle == NULL){
                        printf("error in opening ydmg lib");
                } else {
                        voidfnc = (int (*)())dlsym(handle, "getAge");
                        printf("class loaded");
                ydmgBd obj;
                printf("Inside getFunction()...");


I compile and link the code as below:

gcc -fPIC -shared -l stdc++ -I/home/y/libexec64/jdk1.6.0/include -I/home/y/libexec64/jdk1.6.0/include/linux -I/home/y/include testydmg.cpp -o

Then I check for the method in the new shared object i.e.

nm -C | egrep getAge I get nothing by running the above command.

Does it mean that it did not get the method getAge() from the library. Could you please correct where I am going wrong ?

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I see no library there? The getAge remains a unresolved/deferred symbol. – Antti Haapala Oct 31 '11 at 6:35

You want to use ydmgDB::getAge() but you are asking to the library for getAge(). This is not correct, just simply create a ydmgDBobject and invoke it's method getAge() without loading the library that is linked with your compile command line.

You don't need to dlopen the library.

Besides, getAge is not really included in You must look for it in using:

nm -C | grep getAge
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thanks got it.. – Garshita Nov 1 '11 at 7:33

If you're interested in actually using dlopen in C++ code, take a look at the C++ dlopen mini HOWTO, which includes example code and some possibly important warnings.

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