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I need to get the current foreground window handle and compare it to a saved previous window handle to see if they match, but I can't use foreground window title, because the title changes often

This is the code I'm using to compare the titles

char cWindow[MAX_PATH];
char nWindow[MAX_PATH];
GetWindowTextA(GetForegroundWindow(), cWindow, sizeof(cWindow));

//Later in code
GetWindowTextA(GetForegroundWindow(), cWindow, sizeof(cWindow));
if (strcmp(nWindow, cWindow) != 0)
    strcpy(nWindow, cWindow);
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When you want to check whether the foreground window has changed, you should compare the window handles directly, without their titles.

HWND oldForegroundWindow = GetForegroundWindow();

HWND newForegroundWindow = GetForegrundWindow();
if (newForegroundWindow != oldForegroundWindow) {
  ForegroundWindowHasChanged(oldForegroundWindow, nForegroundWindow);
  oldForegroundWindow = newForeroundWindow;
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This worked! Thank you! –  Brofessional Oct 31 '11 at 7:13

Errr you are NOT setting nWindow to anything both your calls are setting cWindow. Do you think that may be an issue?

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I changed the first one to GetWindowTextA(GetForegroundWindow(), nWindow, sizeof(nWindow)); and still have the same problem –  Brofessional Oct 31 '11 at 7:01
suggest that you do the following: after the first GetWindowTextA put a fprintf(file, "found nWindow to be: %s\n", nWindow); and after the second one you put fprintf(file, "found cWindow to be: %s\n", cWindow); and see where it takes you (also what is the value of file?) –  Ahmed Masud Oct 31 '11 at 7:06

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