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Hello, i am trying to make Eclipse-CDT (Indigo) to indent C++ class methods relativly to public/protected/private keywords; but expecting some troubles with classes which are inherited from some namespace; here is an illustration:

// some namespaced class
namespace BarSpace {
    class Bar {


// as it indented by eclipse:
class Foo1 : public BarSpace::Bar {
    void foo();

As you see - eclipse indenting foo() method wrong; not relativly to public: keywrod. I've played a bit and found out that it is happens only when Foo* class inherited from namespaced class and so; such workaround may work:

// workaround:
using namespace BarSpace;
class Foo2 : public Bar {
        void foo();

Only i don't want to pollute namespaces with my constructs. I want to have both relative indentation and namespaced inheritance at the same time; like follows:

// as i want it to be indented:
class Foo3 : public BarSpace::Bar {
        void foo();

How can i configure Eclipse to work as i want? Thanks.

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There is an astyle plugin for eclipse. Install it and you can adjust many things.


Perhaps your problem can be solved this way too

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