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I need a regular expression to get the text out from between [ and ] within a sentence.

Example Text:

Hello World - Test[**This is my string**]. Good bye World.

Desired Result:

**This is my String**

The regex that I have come up with is Test\\[[a-zA-Z].+\\], but this returns the entire **Test[This is my string]**

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should do what you want.

(?<=Test\[) # Assert that "Test[" can be matched before the current position
[^\[\]]*    # Match any number of characters except brackets
(?=\])      # Assert that "]" can be matched after the current position

Read up on lookaround assertions.

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Thank you... works like a charm. –  Jakes Oct 31 '11 at 7:40

You could use a capturing group to access to the text of interest:


A quick proof of concept using JavaScript:

var text = 'Hello World - Test[This is my string]. Good bye World.'
var match = /\[([^\]]+)\]/.exec(text)
if (match) {
  console.log(match[1]) // "This is my string"

If the regular expression engine you are using supports both lookahead and lookbehind, Tim's solution is more appropriate.

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Match m = Regex.Match(@"Hello World - Test[This is my string]. Good bye World.", 
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