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Is it possible to have equal number of results in SOLR range faceting.

For example: I want to do facet over a list of prices and distribute it equally in 3 parts - 100,100,120,130,300,360,480,500,600,650,700,800

So the results should be : 100-130(4) 300-500(4) 600-800(4)

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Yes, please see this previous answer...… [1]:… – Paige Cook Oct 31 '11 at 10:48

Refer to the answer I posted for question 33956.

In brief, the method I use is:

  1. Pre-process documents to store a price that has been rounded up to the nearest "nice round number" facet boundary
  2. Request all facets on the rounded prices
  3. Combine these rounded-price facets into a few large facet "segments" to get roughly equal number of documents in each segment.
  4. When user selects to filter, do a filter query for the price range of that segment.
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