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i have a virtual ubuntu server running in windows 7 pro using VMware Player. i have to connect to a mysql database which is there in windows7 (local) from the ubuntu server. when i try connect to the database which is present in the windows7 from ubuntu server i get error saing Host ' the windows7-PC ' is not allowed to connect to this MySql server.


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You've to add the permission to connect from another IP to the username you're using. You can add an entry to mysql.user table duplicating the user you're using and changing the Host column to allow the IP address of your Ubuntu, or change the existing Host entry with %, which actually allows to connect from everywhere.

There is also an Host field in the db table, so in case you've restricted the access of that username to a particular DB, then you've to fix also mysql.db table.

After those changes, do a FLUSH PRIVILEGES, so MySQL can pick them up.

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