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How can i select the amount of rows from a database if the type is a varchar?

SELECT * FROM `orders` WHERE DATE(`order_date`) = DATE(NOW())

would not work as it is not stored in datetime is there any other way?

2011-10-30 19:14:32

Is what is stored

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You can use

SELECT * FROM `orders` WHERE DATE(`order_date`) = CURDATE()
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Since order_date is a VARCHAR, try with:

WHERE LEFT(order_date, 10) = CURDATE()
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Best would be to change the order_date to date type and use this:

FROM orders 
WHERE order_date >= CURDATE()
  AND order_date < CURDATE() + INTERVAL 1 DAY

If you keep it as VARCHAR, you can use this variation:

FROM orders 
WHERE order_date >= CAST( CURDATE() AS CHAR)
  AND order_date < CAST( (CURDATE() + INTERVAL 1 DAY) AS CHAR)

Both of these, may use an index of order_date, if there is one.

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Use datediff function in sql....

Something like

SELECT * FROM table WHERE DATEDIFF(day, StartDate, GETDATE()) <= 0
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