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if ([pArray objectAtIndex:2]==@"ROOT")
else {

I am using this code but it's not working

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Use isEqualToString: method:

if ([[pArray objectAtIndex:2] isEqualToString:@"ROOT"]){
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You can use

- (BOOL)containsObject:(id)anObject; 

to check if the object is in the array. eg. [pArray containsObject:@"ROOT"];

if you need to check if particular element is equal to a string you can use.

[[pArray objectAtIndex:2] isEqualToString:@"ROOT"];

Both will return YES if matched.

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Assuming pArray contains strings... use the following...

if([[pArray objectAtIndex:2] isEqualToString:@"ROOT"])
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You must use the isEqualToString method. You are attempting to compare two references in your statement.

if ([[pArray objectAtIndex:2] isEqualToString:@"ROOT"])
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        if (([pArray objectAtIndex:2]  != (id)[NSNull null])&([[pArray objectAtIndex:2] isEqual:@"ROOT"])){
        NSLog(@"String in array is %@",[pArray objectAtIndex:2]);
    else {
       if([pArray objectAtIndex:2]  == (id)[NSNull null]){
        NSLog(@"Your Object is Null");
   NSLog(@"Your Object does not match");
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