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Is there any way to make animateTransform's transform values into relative values? Like 20%,30% other than px values.

for an example,

            from="0 -330"
            to="0 0"

In this code, is there any way to define the from and to values in relative values. Thanks.

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Currently the transform attribute doesn't accept percentages, but that's likely going to change once CSS Transforms is defined such that it applies to svg content.

You can use a 'by' (instead of from-to) animation to do (non-percentage) relative values though, and you can accumulate the animation effects.

You might find the SVG Primer chapter on animation helpful for learning more about SVG animations.

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Thank you very much! And I found a way to make these values dynamic by a JavaScript. – OctaHeliX Nov 1 '11 at 18:07

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