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I have three tables that looks something like this:

Table joins

 1  persons
 2  companies

Table information

 1  1
 2  2

Table information_extra_persons

 1  1              John

Table information_extra_companies

 1  2              IBM

How can i join together these tables in one SQL? I've tried something like:

SELECT * FROM `information`
INNER JOIN `information_extra_(SELECT `name` FROM `joins` WHERE `id` = `join_id`)`
ON `information_extra_(SELECT `name` FROM `joins` WHERE `id` = `join_id`)`.`information_id` = `information`.`id`

but I can't get it to work. Of course this isn't my actual table setup, but it's the same principle. Does anyone know how to get all the info in just one SQL?

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if you need to have the JOIN dynamic this is impossible as SQL doesn't provide anything to do that! –  Yahia Oct 31 '11 at 9:52

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That's actually four tables, not three. This isn't just a nitpick - it looks as though the substance of your question is "how can I use the name of the table as part of the join criteria?" (ie. how can the information_extra_ tables be treated as a single table?)

To which the answer is: you can't. (Outside of dynamic SQL.)

In this specific case, the following should return what I think you are looking for:

select j.join_name joined_entity,
       case when j.join_name = 'persons' then p.name
            else c.name
       end joined_entity_name
from information i
inner join joins j on i.join_id = j.id
left join information_extra_persons p on i.id = p.information_id
left join information_extra_companies c on i.id = c.information_id

Alternatively, a less efficient (but more general) approach might be:

select j.join_name joined_entity,
       v.name joined_entity_name
from information i
inner join joins j on i.join_id = j.id
inner join (select 'persons' entity, information_id, name from information_extra_persons
            union all
            select 'companies' entity, information_id, name from information_extra_companies) v
           on i.id = v.information_id and j.join_name = v.entity
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