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i have an xml file and use following code to parse it:

    open( $filehandle, "+<$path") or die "cannot open out file out_file:$!";
    my $roots = { tag1 => 1 };
    my $handlers = { 'tag0/tag1' => $tweak_server,
    my $twig = new XML::Twig(TwigRoots => $roots,
                         TwigHandlers => $handlers,
                         pretty_print  => 'indented',
                         twig_print_outside_roots => \*$filehandle
    $twig->flush($filehandle, pretty_print => 'indented');
    close $filehandle;

in the output, the format of all tag1 parts are good , they are just in their original format. but the rest part of the file are not well-formated, there are some empty lines between tags and what's more, the text content inside an element is added some empty lines which shouldn't be there.

is there anyway to parse the rest of the xml file into their original format?

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Is your XML valid (its not html is it?!) Some example input/output xml would be really helpful.

Anyway, after playing with XML::Twig I can safely say it won't strip out empty lines. However you could work around that by writing your own reading function that returns the xml without extra newlines.

sub readxml {
    my ($fh) = @_;
    local $/;
    my $xml = <$fh>;
    $xml =~ s/\n+/\n/g;
    return $xml;

$twig->parse( readxml( $filehandle ) );

Next, I don't think twig will pretty print content that goes through 'twig_print_outside_roots'. However what you could do is either remove the 'TwigRoots' or add extra handlers to get the remaining content in ( or use a '_default_' handler ) - that way it will get pretty print treatment like all the other nodes.

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