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Could someone please explain why are attributes of a class are not ordinarily defined to be static.

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Why do you want to define them as static. Static attributes mantain same value across all the objects, thats why attributes are not normally defined as static. –  Ankur Oct 31 '11 at 10:09

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When a field is made static, it is associated with that class. It means that once initialized, every use of the field sees that same thing. Take a look:

class Test {
    public final static String test = "test";

This would be used as Test.test. You can think of it as a field of the Class object that is created on loading Test.

When you make a field non-static, that means it is associated with an instance of the class. So if you had this:

class Test {
    public String test = "test";

... you'd use it like so:

Test t = new Test();

It could vary from instance to instance, for example if the test field is initialized through a constructor argument or altered via a method.

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because the purpose of most of the class is to have object of that class and to hold the state of that object we define non static fields.

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Since ordinarily you want to have several instances of a class. Assume you have a class person, it its field name would be static all instances would have the name you assigend last.

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Could someone please explain why are attributes of a class are not ordinarily defined to be static.

Because that would make it harder to do O-O programming in Java. Since Java is designed to be an O-O programming language, it makes no sense to make the O-O paradigm hard.

It seems to me that you think that non-static attributes are somehow a nuisance to you. If that is the case, you've probably failed to appreciate the value / usefulness of O-O programming, and failed to understand the limitations and drawbacks of using static attributes.

I suggest that you read a good Java tutorial or a book on O-O programming with Java.

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