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I am creating a game using GDI+ and Raster images (2D images). For performance sake, I believe that I should have the game changes the user's resolution to 800 x 600 and run the game in that setting. However, the graphics look distorted in a wide screen since the aspect ratio for 800 x 600 is different than from a wide screen. I cannot figure out how to determine the aspect ratio.

How is game programming normally handled on different resolutions? Should I even change the user's resolution? If I dont change the resolution, the game slows down a lot.

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In your current situation I would advice to get device resolution that is most similar to your planned resolution or slightly bigger than it (800x600 -> 1024x720) and deal with it manually. Add black areas on sides or some artistic patterns that complement your game.

As already said GDI+ is not a common approach to 2D game nowadays, but the general principle of dealing with various screen aspects still stands.

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