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This code adds the text liked inside div.gdt-starrating:

$("a.gdt-starrating").live("click", function() {

But this code doesn't work (no text is added to div.gdt-starrating:

$("a.gdt-starrating").live("click", function() {
    $(".gdup div.gdt-starrating").text("liked");

Before clicking a.gdt-starrating:

<div id="gdsr_thumb_197_a_up" class="gdt-size-20 gdthumb gdup"><div class="gdt-starrating"></div></div>

After clicking a.gdt-starrating:

<div id="gdsr_thumb_197_a_up" class="gdt-size-20 gdthumb gdup"><a class="gdt-starrating"></div></div>

Why adding .gdup is making the thing not to work?

(Sorry for the title but I'm not pretty sure about the technical way of saying it).

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div.gdt-starrating does not exist, or a.gdt-starrating does not exist... –  Alex Oct 31 '11 at 11:11

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this is the correct way to use multiple class.


if the class is of the same element, you do not seperate by space, but join by id, as above

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