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Question is on how to work with php variables in a webpage, using javascript/jquery. The following code represents the scenario.

PHP Code Snippet for pagination -

$previous = $current_page - 1;          
$previous = $current_page;          

$next = $current_page;          
$next = $current_page + 1;  

//the line below is for right arrow link - go to next page
<?php echo '<a href="gallery.php?p=' .$next. '">    
<img src="Arrow-Right.png" width="16" height="16" title="Next Page" /> </a>';   

//the line below is for left arrow link - go to previous page
<?php echo '<a href="gallery.php?p=' .$previous. '">    
<img src="Arrow-Left.png" width="16" height="16" title="Previous Page" /> </a>';    

Now my question - I want to disable the left and right arrow links based on the condition - if $current_page = $num_pages (meaning, if max page has reached), then use javascript to disable the right arrow link if $current_page = 1 (meaning, if min page has reached), then use javascript to disable the left arrow link

Pretty simple scenario for pagination, but my concern is over how to use the variables correctly, since $current_page, $num_pages etc..are all PHP variables, and I assume they cannot be accessed readily in any Javascript code. So how do i access them, so that I can use JS to further work on link enabling/disabling or css styling using js etc...

Appreciate any pointers on the above.

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$next_page = 12;

echo "<script>var next_page=$next_page;</script>"

Javascript variable next_page will be ready for use.

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that worked. i just took the php variable values and assigned it to variables that can be accessed by javascript in the page. thanks! –  arun nair Oct 31 '11 at 12:02
  echo '<script>pagenum=' . $num_pages . ';current_page=' . $current_page . ';</script>';
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Just echo your values into javascript:

   var jsvarname = "<?php echo $phpvarname; ?>";

I assume you know that javascript is client side and php server side, and what that means?

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If you don't want the variables showing up in when the page source is viewed, you could store the information in a cookie.

Be aware that it's trivial to look at the contents of a cookie, however.

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