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Just getting back into iPhone dev after almost two years off (last dev'd on iOS3) and I'm getting grief while trying to do an ad hoc distribution.


  • Added new devices in the provisioning portal (inc. my own to test)
  • Recreated my ad hoc provisioning profile
  • Installed it in Xcode
  • Updated the target to use it and built the app (no problem so far)
  • Dragged the app and profile into iTunes
  • Sync'd
  • Got the message "Failed to sync"

Knowing that this was likely an issue with the profile I started from scratch and:

  • Removed the old profile
  • Recreated my certificate
  • Recreated the profile
  • Completed the above steps
  • Got the same result

I'm not 100% sure of my target and build settings. Here are screen shots of the relevant sections in case it helps:

Target Code Signing (the correct profile is selected): Target Code Signing

Project Configuration:
Project Configuration

I've been advised in another post to refer to the documentation but I have been unable to locate specific information on these settings. I still have doco on how to do it in Xcode 3.x but it doesn't sdeem to be doing me much good here.

Thanks in advance,


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See a previous post of mine related to AdHoc application deploy.

I guess the way to do it properly, is to use the Organizer and not iTunes Sync.

Note about your screenshots : The only issue I noticed is the Code Signing Identity in Debug should use debug provisioning profile and not distribution one.

Hope this helps.

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A big thanks to you Sebastian. Your post didn't directly answer my issue but switching to using the Organiser got me one step further and finally led me to a post that pointed out the critical detail:

Can be debugged must be set to NO for ad hoc distributions in Entitlements.plist

That was my problem and I have now successfully installed after making the change.

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Thanks a lot. Regards –  user427969 May 2 '13 at 3:52

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