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I have written one applet file to read the text file from local machine. I have embedded that applet into HTML file. While running the HTML file the error shows like:

access denied (java.io.FilePermission d:\test.txt)

Then I have written one policy file and place in the jre/lib/security/. Now also it shows the same error. Should I register that applet with policy file, or do I need to do any other steps? Please explain clearly how to solve this issue.

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Should I register that applet with policy file,..


.. or do I need to do any other steps?

Instead of doing the stuff using policy files, digitally sign the applet. It is the only practical way to get permissions to access a File for an applet deployed over the internet. (And if it is not deployed from a web page, the question would be 'So why is it an applet?') See Signing and Verifying JAR Files for more details.

Of course, if you can deploy in a Plug-In 2 JRE, the applet can be sand-boxed and the user can still open resources from the local file system.

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You should go to this link..
And example file could be:

grant {
permission java.awt.AWTPermission 
 permission java.awt.AWTPermission 
  permission java.util.PropertyPermission 
"user.home", "read";
  permission java.io.FilePermission 
"${user.home}/test.txt", "read,write";

Take a look at Sun documentation ... it can help you

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what is user.home mean that ? where should i place this policy file? –  Mohamed Ismail Oct 31 '11 at 12:19
go with documentation.. click on link.. –  Sumit Singh Oct 31 '11 at 12:25

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