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The Java extension was installed in the old version of Firefox, it become incompatible when Firefox updated. I want to remove it but there isn't a button for this operation. Is there any way to remove it or to fix it?

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Java Console extension is installed globally via Windows Registry which is why the browser cannot "uninstall" it. It can however disable this extension which works just as well. So you should uninstall the old Java version via Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs (yes, it could happen that you have multiple Java versions installed on your computer). If that isn't the reason the best solution is not doing anything - the extension is disabled, it won't do any harm that way. If you really want to remove it, you can start the registry editor. The relevant entries can be found under:


For reference: Adding Extensions using the Windows Registry.

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If you are running Firefox on Windows, you could try to run it in administrator mode and see if the option is allowed then.

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