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When I deploy my portlet in liferay 5.2 with Tomcat 7, A certain bean fail to get initialised. I am using service builder to genreate these. I have checked in portlet-spring.xml and there is entry for the bean. And also the particular bean does exist.

ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] Context initialization failed
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'com.tbb.ump.admin.service.FoodLocalService.impl': Injection of BeanReference fields failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named 'com.tbb.ump.admin.service.MeasureUnitLocalService.impl' is defined
at com.liferay.portal.spring.annotation.BeanReferenceAnnotationBeanPostProcessor.postProcessAfterInstantiation(
at Method)

Not able to find out the issue, I have recently migrated to Tomcat 7. Environment : Tomcat 7.0.22 Liferay 5.2.3 Service builder 5.2 Servlet-APi-3 Spring 3

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You probably have given class name instead of bean name

No bean named 'com.tbb.ump.admin.service.MeasureUnitLocalService.impl' is defined

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that is bean id – anirudh bhatnagar Oct 31 '11 at 12:24
can you post a bit of spring xml file – Jigar Joshi Oct 31 '11 at 12:24
<bean id="com.tbb.ump.admin.service.MeasureUnitLocalService.impl" class="com.tbb.ump.admin.service.impl.MeasureUnitLocalServiceImpl" /> *****FYI..This code is generated by service builder – anirudh bhatnagar Oct 31 '11 at 12:25
and from where it is being referenced ? is this from the same spring xml file ? – Jigar Joshi Oct 31 '11 at 12:26
From baseImpl of food @BeanReference(name = "com.tbb.ump.admin.service.MeasureUnitLocalService.impl") protected MeasureUnitLocalService measureUnitLocalService; – anirudh bhatnagar Oct 31 '11 at 12:32

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