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Im getting the follow messages in my stack trace. I can find Bluetooth Devices, but when I try to open the socket this happens.

10-30 22:23:08.901: ERROR/BTL_CFG(8633): WARNING : [service.brcm.bt.INQ_FILTER_BDA] property_get failed (0)
10-30 22:23:24.585: ERROR/BTLD(8633): ****************search UUID = 1454***********
10-30 22:23:24.600: ERROR/BluetoothEventLoop.cpp(2502): onCreateDeviceResult: D-Bus error: org.bluez.Error.AlreadyExists (Device already exists)
10-30 22:23:24.616: ERROR/DTUN_HCID4(8659): No device pointer found for peer! Ignore Error = true. Ignoring error...
10-30 22:23:26.093: ERROR/DTUN_HCID4(8659): discovery unsuccessful!
10-30 22:23:30.628: ERROR/CachedBluetoothDevice(18609): onUuidChanged: Time since last connect 1440232. mInitiatedPairing: false
10-30 22:23:30.632: ERROR/CachedBluetoothDevice(18609): onUuidChanged: Time since last connect1440236.mInitiatedPairing:false


The socket attempts to open but doesnt, an exception is thrown (Service Discovery failed) and then the socket is closed correctly.

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Got an answer and it remedies it

Android Bluetooth: Service Discovery Failed Exception

Just wish I knew what was actually happening :(

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