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I'm trying to play around with the Farbtastic: color picker plugin but I'm having some issues.

I want to setup a callback function so that I can change the bg color like so:


This works fine, but by doing this, the input field no longer updates the hex value in real time.

How can I make it so the hex value within the input field AND the body background color update both at the same time?


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Assuming that the id of the input is 'color'. Does this work for you?

$('#picker').farbtastic(function() {
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Works perfectly. It's always the simple things that catch me out! Thanks very much. – tctc91 Oct 31 '11 at 13:30

i'm trying with this , worked ;)

$('#picker').farbtastic('#color_picker_input').mouseup(function (){
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You can get the color as an argument to the callback:

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