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In CRM2011 I have an IFrame that displays a custom ASPX page (a photo gallery). From that page when they click a photo, a new popup should appear with the photo in real size.

What do I have to do to make this work? I tried several methods, none of them are working. It works fine when I'm opening the page in a browser! When I click on a photo, the real sized photo opens in a new screen.

My methods with javascript are :

  1. <a href="#1" onclick="">click</a> => When I use that method, it opens a new window with the complete page that is shown in the IFrame. If the iframe is "http://myPage.aspx", it will open a new window with "http://myPage.aspx" instead of the photo....
  2. <span onclick="">click</span> => Nothing Happens
  3. <a href="#1" onclick="window.showModalDialog(...)">click</a> => Same happens like method 1
  4. I've tried many other things, but none of them had the wanted effect...

Kind Regards,


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Thx for your reply.. But unfortunately, it doesn't work. It still opens the same page in a new browser while clicking on it in an IFrame, instead of a popup.

It even gives me a weird behavior when I click on it opened in a normal browser. It opens an popup, but it also opens a second screen with the page itself.

So I still haven't found a way to open it correctly from an IFrame.

Kind Regards, Frederic

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My problem is solved... Somebody has activated the "Restrict cross scripting" on the iframe on the CRM. It works like a charm now, when i deactivate that option!

Thx for the help!

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I would change this code:

<a href="#1" onclick="">click</a>

So that it has a target and the script is identified as JS:

<a href="#" target="_blank" onclick="">click</a>
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