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I am using node.js and socket.io to create a chat application. How to send message to another socket, I know the id of the socket or the username only. There are no rooms , clients chat one on one.

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With Socket.IO, you aren't restricted to only using the socket object within the callback of the connection function. You can create an object that stores the socket object for a particular username and look up the socket to send a message to when a client emits a message. You would need to transmit the intended target with every message.


var sockets = {};


io.on('connection', function(socket){
    socket.on('set nickname', function (name) {
        sockets[name] = socket;
    socket.on('send message', function (message, to) {

See more examples on the examples page of Socket.IO's website.

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great, that is the solution –  John Watson Nov 1 '11 at 11:39

You can check the username property of all sockets like this:

socket.on('send message', function(message,to){

    io.sockets.clients().forEach(function (socket) {

        if (socket.username==to){socket.emit(message);} 


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