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Adobe AIR - Custom Preloader with Image


I have a running Adobe AIR application on my desktop. But I want to add a splash screen to it.

I already saw some tutorials on this, but they were opening an new NativeWindow. I want to open existing application after splash screen.

How to do it ? Any ideas ?


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I'll do something like that:

1) Set default windows not visible nativeWindows.visible = false;

2) Make a new window and use it as a splashscreen (set systemChrome to none and transparent to true)

3) After splashscreen simply set visible the original window.


Does your application use a SystemChrome or not? I ask that because you can not change systemchrome after the windows is initialized and to add a spashscreen you usually do not use a systemchrome...

If your application do not use SystemChrome (systemchrome = none and transparent = true) simply create a new state as a Start state, show it and after X seconds or on effect_end animation simply changeState to normal state...

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