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Hey I'm learning C and we have done all our coding in Visual studio. All our programs have been created and outputted into a command prompt type window. You can't make this window full screen or anything. All you can do is change how long it is vertical wise. Is there a certain code I can use in my program to change the size of the window and make it static?

If the code for it is too long to type, a link to a website with a tutorial for it would be helpful. Thanks guys.

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Yes, there are a set of Console functions. See the list here.

It looks to me like you need to determine the maximum size of console using GetLargestConsoleWindowSize and then set that size using SetConsoleWindowInfo.

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Thanks a lot! This helps. Didn't know you could do any of this. –  Robolisk Oct 31 '11 at 14:17

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