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I am using PicNet TableFilter for my Table: -


Now I need a dynamic Totals Row, which sums specific columns.

I found a script here: "Use jQuery to add all the values in a table column"

I have implemented this script and I get the sum of columns, which I want. It works.

But if I use the PicNet- filter and filter the table, the "Total Row" does not change its values. They seem to be static.

I think the PicNet Script is too difficult to understand and edit.

The target is to get a Total Column Row, which changes dynamically depending on the filter usage.

I hope you can help me or have an idea for any alternative.

Thank you for every answer.

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Try calling your "summing" code in this TableFilter function: filteredRows: function(filterStates) { call_SumCol(); } See the TableFilter documentation.

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