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I'm very new to Fortran. Currently I'm writing (or trying to write) a fortran application which calls a C-library.

I've got a few things working so far but I'm stuck with the init-function from the library which expects argc and argv just to get the program name which is calling the function.

The C-library expects pointers to argc and argv:

void init(gint argc, gchar ***argv);

I have no idea how to express that ***argv in fortran. The other functions only need integers so I had no trouble using this skeleton for them:

    subroutine init( argc, argv)
    end subroutine ee_init
end interface

call init( , )
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Is gchar *** something like a two dimensional array of pointers? – Vladimir F Nov 1 '11 at 8:53
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You will probably need to write your own wrapper function in C, init_fortran, or similar which you call from Fortran and takes arguments in a way you can express in Fortran, then converts them to what the C init function expects.

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I would suggest using module ISO_C_BINDING and pass a pointer to an array of pointers, if i understand it correctly.

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