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autocmd VimEnter * if filereadable('cctree.out') | CCTreeLoadXRefDBFromDisk cctree.out | endif

I receive error message:

E172: Only one file name allowed:  CCTreeLoadXRefDBFromDisk cctree.out | endif
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It looks like this command treats | as a part of its argument (it is the default unless one specified -bar when defining command. Yet another weird default). Try

function s:TreeLoad(file)
    if filereadable(a:file)
        execute 'CCTreeLoadXRefDBFromDisk' fnameescape(a:file)
augroup VimrcTreeLoad
    autocmd VimEnter * :call s:TreeLoad('cctree.out')
augroup END
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THANKS, it's work as expected – Nov 1 '11 at 10:48

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