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I am using aurigma a commercial multi file uploader and cropper.

I am tring to upload images of various aspect ratios and sizes.

I want them to fit into boxes that are 140*140 pixels.

If the height is the smallest attribut of the image I want that to be 140 pixels or vice versa on the width.

Overlap are allowed.

I have looked through the official site and documentation but cannot understand how to do this.

To clarify if an image is 100 * 50 pixels I want it resized to 210 * 140 or an image that is 50*100 should be 140 * 210.

I haven't uploaded any code as the code I have used is available on the main site and I have added nothing specific.

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Did you try to use OrientationalFit?

It works like a Fit mode but with correction on thumbnail orientation.

    id: 'Uploader1',
    converters: [
        { mode: '*.*=Thumbnail', thumbnailFitMode: 'OrientationalFit',
            thumbnailWidth: 210, thumbnailHeight: 140, 
            thumbnailJpegQuality: 80 }


3072 x 2304 => 187 x 140
2304 x 3072 => 140 x 187

And one more thing about you sample. Image Uploader cannot be used for upsizing, i.e. thumbnail cannot be larger than source image. This is by design.

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Thats brilliant. Is there a way to set the minimum width of the smallest edge. As what has happened with this code is the largest edge has been resized to 1024 when I need the smallest edge to be 1024 and the largest scaled accordingly. – jaget Nov 2 '11 at 11:54

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