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I am looking for a way to switch to a buffer containing searched text.

E.g. If I have 100 buffers open, I want to switch to a buffer, that contains 'fooBar = 1'

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Good question. You mighty already know you can do a quickfix search and switch buffers through its window. – arkilus Oct 31 '11 at 17:26
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Just found a plugin for that: Buffer-grep

As stated in its README:

  Bgrep /expression/
to search all buffers for an expression and put it in a new quickfix list.

One could write a function to jump directly to the first one if necessary.

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I've written a Vim plugin to do this: buffersaurus .

The command :Bsgrep <pattern> will use (Vim-dialect) grep to search through all open buffers, identify all matching lines, and present the results in a new window/split. You can "walk through" all the matches using regular Vim movement keys, and open selected matches in the previous window or in a new split/tabpage. Results can be filtered again. You can opt to show contextual lines as well.

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