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I'd like to achieve something like the __attribute__((deprecated)) method annotation (DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE), using a custom annotation for untested methods.

Is it possible to create custom annotations with Xcode 4/Clang?

What I basically want to do is have the compiler print a warning when I use a method that has a UNTESTED_ATTRIBUTE annotation (a method where the unit tests are still missing).

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I've found no way of doing this as I'd like it to work. Currently I'm using a deprecation attribute with a custom message:

#define UNTESTED_ATTRIBUTE __attribute__((deprecated("missing unit tests")))
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Define a macro like

#define DO_PRAGMA(x) _Pragma (#x)
#define UNTESTED_ATTRIBUTE DO_PRAGMA(message ("missing unit tests"))

Use it as


Will emit a a compiler warning of "missing unit tests" pointing to the filename and line number

6.58.10 Diagnostic Pragmas

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