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I have a account which supports webDAV & I'd like to use it as an svn server. I mounted the drive on my mac & then tried creating a repository using svnadmin create /Volumes/dav but this returned an error:

svnadmin: Repository creation failed
svnadmin: Creating pre-revprop-change hook
svnadmin: Can't open file '/Volumes/dav/FileShare/hooks/pre-revprop-change.tmpl': Interrupted system call

What am I doing wrong?

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You can use cloud storage for storing SVN repositories in it - but the "SVN in DAV concept" will not work as A.H. already pointed out.

I use DropBox in combination with SVN repositories in the local file system. The repositories are automatically synced using the DropBox client with the cloud storage. This is of course only a suitable solution for single developers or teams in which write collisions can not happen as the SVN repository should not be used while incoming changes are replicated.

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I don't think that creating an SVN repository inside a WebDAV provider is either supported or a wise idea. Usually you have SVN repository which is accessible via WebDAV (i.e. SVN itself is the WebDAV provider). Both WebDAV and SVN have support for versioning, locking, submission etc. Cascading these things will be ... funny.

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