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Does anybody know a good horizontal slide menu jquery plugin that could emulate Facebook's relatively new mobile site/app's menu?

Basically you have a view of all the content, and when you click a button, a menu slides from the left, moving the content a little to the right (to the width of the menu sliding in). When a button on the menu is clicked, the menu slides out of view, the content slides back, and then changes corresponding to whatever menu button was clicked.

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I was looking for the same thing.

The best example I can find is a paid mobile Wordpress theme: http://themeforest.net/item/hotcake-mobile-business-html-template/1065437

Pretty slick and you could at least see how it is done.


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I find this implementation the best example currently available:


It's not a jQuery plug-in, per se, but it should to the trick!

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Aldomatics code doesn't behave well in windows phone and doesn't handle orientation issues

This topic is old but here is a working solution for mobile devices (Build with Jquery) :

it's working on Windows phone, iOs and Android Devices.

I've tried to keep the code as simple as possible, it's easy to understand and modifiy.


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